Terms & Conditions

Our general sales terms and conditions

Article 1 : General terms

Our sales are subject to these terms and conditions which prevail over all other sales terms and conditions, unless we formally and explicitly stipulate otherwise. All orders placed with ARENA, in whatever form, imply the final acceptance without reserves by the buyer of all the clauses in the general sales terms and conditions or possible special terms and conditions, replacing all opposing clauses that may be featured on their own documents.

Article 2 : Confidentiality

The designs, drawings, sketches and documents handed over, sent by us, or downloaded from our web site remain our property; they cannot therefore be communicated to a third party for any reason whatsoever.

Article 3: Delivery / Transport / Delivery dates

Our delivery dates are given for information only and are not guaranteed. Late deliveries are not a valid reason to reject or cancel an order, and are not a valid reason for partial payment, compensation, penalties or damages. Delivery dates vary depending on the delivery address. Unless a specific indication is given, they are made 2 to 3 days following the payment date for a delivery address in mainland France, and a maximum of one month for other destinations. Any goods, even sent postage paid, travel at the risks and perils of the recipient who has a duty to carry out checks and make possible reserves on receipt of the equipment. Claims must be made against the transporter within regulatory deadlines in the event of missing items, loss, damage or delay. We will not accept any returns of goods without our permission.

Professional customers :

Except when an exception is granted, and for customers who have an account, invoices are payable 30 days from the issue date end of month on the 10th of the following month. Payment will be requested with the order for all first orders. Failing payment following the payment date on the invoice, late payment penalties will be due at an interest rate of 25% (art. L441-6 of the French commercial code) plus a fixed penalty of 40€ (French decree of 2nd October 2012). These penalties are due without prior notification. The goods remain the property of ARENA until full settlement of their price, both in principal and interest (80/335 Act of 12 May 1980), the transfer to the buyer of the risks of loss or deterioration of the sold goods, as well as the damage they could incur, occurs on delivery.

Article 6: Cooling off period (private customers).

In compliance with article L121-16 of the French consumer code, the buyer has a cooling-off period of 14 days from the delivery date to return the ordered products for a refund. The products must be returned to ARENA in perfect resale condition, in their original condition (packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.), correctly packaged, and accompanied by the purchase invoice. Any incomplete, spoilt, damaged products, or products with damaged original packaging will be neither refunded nor exchanged. The exercise of the cooling-off period rights will result in a refund by cheque.

Article 6 : Warranty.

The goods are sold with a one year warranty starting from the delivery date, covering any operating defect caused by faulty materials, manufacture or design. The warranty covers the cost of parts and labour and is effective if the product is returned to us, following our agreement, postage paid and correctly packaged. Are excluded from the warranty: – Wear parts. – Failures and deteriorations resulting from incorrect use, failure to follow the instructions in the user manual, or incorrect maintenance of the machine. – Machines or equipment that has been modified or transformed without our permission. – Defective operation resulting from force majeure.

Article 7: Limited liability

It is formally agreed by the parties that the seller’s liability resulting from an operational defect of the goods is limited to the previous terms covering hidden defects and intangible damage.

Article 8: Applicable law – Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute, only French law is applicable and the LILLE company courts have exclusive jurisdiction.