Sandblasting videos

The different surface treatment techniques using sandblasting

Sandblasting (the generic term) is a surface cleaning technique that uses an abrasive shot at high speed using compressed air onto the material to be processed.

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Several uses are possible :

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Removal of paint or rust to restore the initial material.

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To even a surface, to improve its appearance, or to create a grainy, matt or satin effect.

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To modify the roughness of a surface in order to improve the adherence of a glue or a paint.



Sandblasting consists in shooting angular grains (sand) onto a surface in order to strip it (of paint, varnish, rust, oxides), or to give it a surface condition the roughness of which will be dependent on the grain size of the abrasive used. Sandblasting significantly improves the mechanical adhesion of paints and glued assemblies.