The ARENA company

ARENA designs and manufactures sandblasting and beads blasting machines. We are also suppliers of abrasive blast medias for sandblasters, all our sandblasting equipment are fully made in France in our Marquette workshop in the suburbs of Lille. We have progressively diversified our line of sandblasting and beads blasting machines to be able to meet the widest sets of our customers’ requirements, at the same time as increasing our expertise.

30 years of history

ARENA was founded in 1979 to initially design and manufacture equipment and tools for garages. At the time, production was not industrialised,

The products that were developed and sold at the time were equipment and tools for car workshop, as sandblasting guns, sandblasting sleeve cabinets, equipment for suction draining, brake drainage appliances etc. The common element was the use of compressed air.

In 1985 ARENA shed its team of salespeople and essentially recentred its activity on the design and manufacture of a line of equipment for sandblasting and beads blasting.

Today more than ever, ARENA favours the development and improvement of its products to always obtain better performances, better reliability and improved quality. The result is a line of quality sandblasting cabinets suited to each type of application, whether professional or semi-professional.

ARENA also applies its know-how to producing special bespoke sandblasting machines following specifications documents drawn up with our customers.

Our organisation

Because it has remained a human sized family business, our organisation makes it possible to be reactive, using an optimised production process and short delivery times. Our services are not limited to delivering a product, we also immediately answer customer service requests, because we are fully aware of our customers’ constraints. Thus your orders for consumables (abrasives) or spare parts are delivered within 24 to 48 hours in France, and within less than a week abroad, unless there are special circumstances.

Design and development

The constant improvement of our products is essential to us, it is parallel to the design of new sandblasting and beads blasting equipment to meet internal or external demands.

ARENA Quality

ARENA is a synonym for reliability and quality, our sandblasting equipment is checked at each phase of its production and is methodically tested before shipping. Our best satisfaction is that shown by those customers who have been loyal for many years.

Fields of activity

Used in many fields of industry and craftsmanship, sandblasting and beads blasting are often essential processes. The right choice of equipment and abrasive is essential: We are there to help you choose your sandblasting and beads blasting machines and equipment, whatever your field of activity.

Sandblasting and beads blasting in the mechanical industry:

  • Stripping / rust removal / descaling metals before paintwork
  • Finishing beads blasting (satin finishing) on steel, aluminium, stainless steel or brass
  • Creation of a rough surface before glueing
  • Sandblasting of fixtures or other small parts in batches contained in rotating baskets

The role of our sandblasting and beads blasting cabinets in the electric / electronic industries:

  • Motor / reduction gearbox case reconditioning
  • Component or circuit board stripping using micro blasting

Sandblasters and beads blasters in precision mechanics :

  • Deburring
  • Finishing beads blasting (satin finishing)

Our sandblasting and beads blasting machines in the automotive sector :

  • Reconditioning of alternators, starters etc. using beads blasting
  • Reconditioning of gearbox casing, turbochargers, brake parts, bodywork sandblasting
  • Stripping aluminium wheel rims
  • Window theft-protection etching using sandblasting

Sandblasting in the aeronautical industry:

  • Stripping parts or fuselage using soft plastic media

Sandblasting and beads blasting in the building industry :

  • Renovation of walls (bricks, stones…)
  • Stripping/renovation of wood beams
  • Stripping stainless steel profiles
  • Beads blasting finish on stainless steel profiles

Our sandblasting and beads blasting cabinets in the medical sector :

  • Implant surface treatment
  • Finishing treatment for surgical instruments
  • Deburring/cleaning dental implants

In the furnitures making or restoration sector, our sandblasting and beads blasting machines and/or low pressure blasting machines are used to :

  • Strip furniture using low pressure blasting (gentle sandblasting that preserves the wood),
  • and for artistic creation by carving the wood

In glass treatment, using our sandblasting cabinets you can :

  • Frost glass by sandblasting it
  • Mark glass using stencils

Finally, in the plastic or rubber injection / extrusion field, our sandblasting machines are used for :

  • Mould surface treatment
  • Deburring parts
  • Cleaning moulds
  • Cleaning tools (screws, dies, etc.)

For any further information for your sandblasting and beads blasting projects in France or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to contact us. ARENA will be happy to answer your questions.