FAQ – Questions about the use of ARENA sandblasters

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about sandblasting using ARENA sleeve cabinets.

The abrasive is coming out of the gun in spurts

  • Adjust the abrasive-air mixture at the mixing cap, at the bottom of the abrasive hopper.
  • Replace the nozzle and possibly even the nozzle holder if there is excessive wear.

The gun is spraying air but no abrasive, what should I do ?

  • Check that there is abrasive in the hopper. If the abrasive remains in the cabinet and is not transported to the rear hopper (recycling machine), see the next item,- Check that the screen drawer is not full,
  • Check that the gun’s abrasive supply hose is in good condition (no wear, cuts or holes)
  • Impurities can block the abrasive circuit: to clear the abrasive tube, block the tip of the nozzle with your finger and press the pedal, if the fault repeats, empty and screen, or replace the abrasive,

The abrasive remains beneath the grate and is not carried to the rear hopper (machine with abrasive recycling)

  • Check that the ventilation is running,- Check that the screen drawer is hermetically shut,
  • Check the condition of the 60mm diameter hose between the bottom of the cabinet and the ventilation module,
  • On type K and T machines: Check that the evacuation damper placed above the waste bag is in working order. It should remain closed and only open for unclogging pulses.
  • On type K and T machines: Check the motor safety valve located in the upper compartment of the ventilation module: it should remain closed during normal operation, if it opens it is the sign that the filtering cartridge is excessively clogged,

The abrasive stays on the slopes and does not run down to the bottom of the hopper

  • If the compressed air contains water, this can dampen the abrasive and stop it from running freely. Install a dehumidifier on the machine compressed air supply circuit,
  • The abrasive contains too much dust, it must be replaced,

The lighting and the motor stop

The sandblasting and/or beads blasting cabinet has a dusty atmosphere

  • The excess dust in the machine may be due to the type of work being carried out (e.g.: old paint, very dirty parts, etc.), or to a too high compressed air pressure which is bursting the abrasive and turning it to dust, in this case lower the pressure and move the gun further away from the part.

The filtering cartridge tends to clog quickly

  • Increase the frequency of manual unclogging (machines with pneumatic or mechanical beater unclogging)
  • Increase the power of the automatic pneumatic unclogging (some type T machines) by using the regulation valve located in the upper compartment of the ventilation module, or on the small pneumatic regulator at the rear of the cabinet (DF and PF machines)

Too much dust comes out of the ventilation module each time there is an unclogging pulse (type T machines)

  • Lower the pneumatic unclogging pressure using the regulation valve located in the upper compartment of the ventilation module.

If the questions about sandblasting applications and our sandblasters and/or micro-abrasive blasters do not cover your case, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.