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Outdoor blasting

When large parts are being processed that do not fit into a sleeve cabinet, a mobile sandblasting machine is used, either outdoor, or in a specially fitted sandblasting room.

We propose a line of mobile sandblasters, low pressure blasters and sandblasting guns for applications requiring the tool to be mobile.

Under these conditions the air that the operators breathe as well as their hearing must be protected as well as possible. We suggest wearing a ventilated sandblasting helmet such as the C1520 model described below.

Sandblasters and low pressure blasters :

Catering to more or less important sandblasting or shot-blasting needs, ARENA sandblasters and low pressure blasters benefit from high output. Their power varies depending on the selected nozzle diameter.

The remote control is especially appreciated, making it possible for the operator to almost immediately start and stop the projection of abrasive. The 5 metre long hose makes it possible to move around the part to be processed very easily.

[info_list icon_color=”#cd0b24″ font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_icon=”Defaults-file-text”]Download the NS8TE technical description[/info_list_item][/info_list]
  • 8 litre pressure tank
  • 5 metre hose
  • fitted with a 2 or 3 mm carbide nozzle
  • with remote control devise
  • blast pressure adjustable from 2 to 8 bars
[info_list icon_color=”#cd0b24″ font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_icon=”Defaults-file-text”]Download the NS8/40T technical description[/info_list_item][/info_list]
  • 8 litre pressure tank + 40 litre reserve
  • 5 metre hose
  • fitted with a 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm carbide nozzle
  • with remote control devise
[info_list icon_color=”#cd0b24″ font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_icon=”Defaults-file-text”]Download the C1520 technical description[/info_list_item][/info_list]
  • Ventilated helmet using the compressed air supply
  • 10 metre hose
  • Regulator and activated charcoal filter at the belt
Air dryer cooler REF1

The Air-cooled dryer is positioned between compressor and blaster. By cooling the air, it condense moisture and eliminate it for feeding blaster with dried air.

We propose two models :

Air-cooled dryer REF 1000, maw flow 1000 L/min
Air-cooled dryer REF 2000, max flow 2000 L/min

Download the technical description for REF 1000 and REF 2000

Thermal air compressor
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